Vertical Racks

One of the most underutilized cabling components in the industry is the vertical rack or cabinet.  While not unknown, they simply do not get used nearly enough.  While this is hardly a national tragedy, it is enough to frustrate a service technician or the IT specialist by denying any free space around a protruding horizontal rack.  Unfortunately, this is usually the rule rather than the exception, and this situation is easily avoided by scoping out the telecom closet ahead of time and specifying a vertical rack if space requires it.
While vertical mounting cabinets have been on the market for quite a while with products such as the excellent Hubbell Rebox.  I have only recently found a suitable open rack solution for the vertical mounting of switches.  Of course, if you have a wood backboard and only one switch, it is always possible to turn the “ears” sideways and mount it directly to the board.  If you have more than one switch, this setup becomes impossible and additional mounting hardware is required.
If you are faced with limited space in your closet, give some serious consideration to the following configuration.