Protect Yourself Against Home Invasion

 The Sheriff’s Department outlines three possible and common scenarios that result in a home invasion
Scenario 1 You are outside in your yard
First of all, always have phone with you when working outside.  If you see someone you don’t know, use your judgment to decide if they really are from a utility company.  If they are wearing a uniform, don’t be afraid to check to see if they have proper credentials.  If they have no uniform and don’t seem right, then go inside and lock the door.  Call your neighbors and the police: Tell them you have seen a suspicious person.
Scenario 2 The Pizza Man
If a pizza delivery man has arrived, and no one has ordered a pizza, don’t let them in.  Chances are that he has just found the wrong house, but always consider a stranger as a potential danger.  Ask them where they’re from and call to verify.  If you have shoes on, and you feel a need to verify visually.  Open the door slightly, and then use your foot to brace the bottom of the door.  This should prevent them from forcing their way in.
Scenario 3 Distraction Burglary
Thieves may pose as someone with a broken-down car, and ask to use your phone.  Don’t let them in.  If they need to make a call, make the call for them from inside the house.  If they persist in trying to enter the house, tell them you’re going to call the police, and then do exactly that.  Don’t go outside with them, because they may have an accomplice.  Try to give them the impression that you have someone with you if you are alone.
Scenario 4 Outdoor attack
If someone approaches when two of you are outside, split up by sending your wife inside, and she should call the police.  It is always easier for the thief to control two people with a gun if the two are together.
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