3G and 4G Wireless Technology

3G stands for 3rd generation wireless technology that allows for simultaneous use of both voice and data over the same connection.  The available bandwidth is now as high as 1.4 Mbs (3Mbs under optimal conditions) down and .6Mbs upstream.  Whether you’ll actually get that is another matter, as the wireless transmission is always subject to a lot of interference.  Coverage is generally limited to metropolitan areas, but it allows for high-speed access both in residential as well as mobile applications.

4G (4th generation) is the newest and highest bandwidth application on the market today, and it boasts up to 10Mbs downstream in peak conditions.  Expect an average of 3-6Mbs under normal conditions for downloading.  While wireless appears to be the final solution to delivering Ethernet for the “last mile”, I’m afraid it will encounter limitations in Western North Carolina due to the mountains and trees in the area.  While the wattage on some hardware systems (Alvarion in particular) is strong enough to penetrate buildings, the mountains and heavy foliage will prove to be daunting for our area.