Outdoor Mounting of Dome Camera

While there is a lot of mounting hardware available on the market for outdoor dome cameras, I was always a little leery of most of them.  The outdoor domes usually pride themselves on being “vandal-proof”, yet the ubiquitous goose-necked mounts seem to be anything but sturdy.  On the contrary, they seem to invite the vandal to swing a bat or pipe to dislodge the entire $2,000 apparatus.  What to do?
Well, it depends on the application.  If you have an adequate view from a wall on the building, then why not just mount the camera directly to the wall?  However, most cameras are going to need somewhere to store the connectors and splices.  That’s when a $15 PVC junction box bought at Home Depot will do the trick.  It’s waterproof, sturdy, and provides easy access to your connections.  It makes troubleshooting and service a lot easier.  Give it a try!