Asheville Crime Statistics

Do I really need to spend money on security if I live in Asheville?

While Asheville may appear to be a calm and peaceful place, it actually exceeds the national crime average in several categories.  In fact, as of 2006, Asheville actually exceeded the national average in all but the most violent crimes.  In Murders, Asheville recorded only 4 per 100,000 people while the national average was 5.4.  Concurrently, Aggravated Assaults were 290.5 per 100k, and the national average was 336.5

Unfortunately, per 100k, Asheville doubled the national average in Rapes with 66.5 to 33.1, while robberies were 279.6 to the national average of 205.8. In Property Crimes, Asheville was higher than the national average in all three categories.  Per 100k, Asheville had 1076.4 burglaries versus a national average of 813.2.  Larcenies and thefts were a whopping 3846.8 against the national average of 2601.7.  Even in Motor Vehicle thefts, Asheville exceeded the national average by a measure of 640.7 to 501.5.

What are we to make of all this?  Asheville is a wonderful place with a high quality of living.  Never-the-less, it would seem prudent to invest a reasonable amount of resources into security for both life and property.

Source for Crime Statistic