Remote Monitoring at the home/office of CAT Networks & Security

Remote monitoring can be one of the most important benefits of a video surveillance system.  Virtually all of the current DVR and NVR systems on the market today offer some form of remote monitoring capability.  Of course, there is always some difference in the quality of service provided by each system.  Probably the most important single factor that will affect the quality of your service is the compression method used by your DVR.  While there are still some DVRs in use that utilize MJPEG compression, most all of them will use either MPEG-4 or H.264.  H.264 will effectively double the compression and hence both the bandwidth and hard drive storage of your DVR and is thus the preferred method of compression.  It is well worth the few extra dollars that you might have to pay.  However, you will still want to ensure that your system is capable of recording in full D1 resolution. While many DVRs will record @ D1 (740×480 pixels per frame) resolution for up to 30 frames per second (fps), that will still only allow a total of 7 fps per channel on a four-channel recorder.  As a rule, you want to have the best picture possible and save bandwidth and storage by minimizing the fps. At our home/office, we have installed two analog cameras for use with our NUUO SCB-5004 PC based DVR:  The Front Driveway camera is a 520 line box model with a Honeywell 3-8mil lens inside an outdoor enclosure, and the other is an indoor/outdoor weatherproof camera with 480 line resolution with twenty-four IR LEDs for night vision.  The NUUO SCB-5000 series allows for the display and recording of up to 30fps on two separate channels at a D1 resolution.


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