LED Low Voltage Lighting

We recently added outdoor low voltage lighting to our array of services.  Energy-efficient LED lighting for both landscape and security purposes can be deployed either together or independently.  Deck lighting can be installed for personal safety, and spotlights can be pointed to accent brick, stone, or woodwork on the exterior of a house.  Walkways as well as driveways can be illuminated for both beauty and safety.  12volt LED lights can be used to highlight both trees and gardens surrounding your house.

In this photo, we installed an LED spotlight to show off the stonework on the front of the house while smaller deck lights illuminate the path to the front door. These LEDs replaced halogen lights which were using much more electricity.  The deck lights were using seven watts while the halogen spotlight on the stone was using twenty-five.  The LEDs cut the usage down to less than one watt per light on the deck and only seven for the spotlight.  The net result is a much “greener” solution.

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