IR Cameras for the Haywood Regional Medical Center’s Sleep Study Program

The Haywood Regional Medical Center has four hospital beds dedicated to their sleep study program. They have an analog camera for each room plugged into their Sandman Sleep Study DVR. These cameras were installed with separate IR illuminators. Unfortunately, the cameras they had were not entirely sensitive to infrared light. Thus, the visible image was poor, and they could only tell which side the patient was sleeping on while monitoring the medical instrumentation. Of course, this was a very small part of their study, and it never impacted the overall results.  None-the-less, they wished to achieve even greater visibility with the most advanced night vision cameras. Eventually, one of the cameras wore out and stopped working. They called us for a replacement camera, and after a quick survey, I was able to verify that the existing cameras were indeed not very IR sensitive. After a quick demonstration of a more sensitive IR camera, the staff was thrilled and decided to replace the other three cameras. While I suggested an upgrade to a 540 line camera for higher resolution, the sleep study staff felt that the 480 line camera with the onboard IR LEDs was improvement enough. The program has become even more successful, and they plan to add four more rooms in the future.